Date of Award

Spring 2022

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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Steve Laws


The study employed a qualitative phenomenological design in its exploration of leader resilience, as shared through the lived experiences of 10 Black female principals. Semi-structured interviews were used to capture and examine Black women’s perceptions of how they have grown from the challenges they have experienced in the principalship. The study capitalized on the power of stories to amplify the voices and perspectives of this marginalized group of leaders. Their stories of resilience hold significance in improving our understanding of how to better provide culturally responsive leadership development for Black female principals. Findings from the study revealed five dominant themes in the narratives, confirming a shared impact of race and gender in shaping the perception and manifestation of resilience in the leadership of Black women principals. Implications for practice include the implementation of practices that move beyond diversity to authentic inclusion and equity, the prioritization of self-care, and the call for increased mentoring and support for Black female principals.

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