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Spring 2022

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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Shelley G. West


The names of the participants and the school district used in this program evaluation are pseudonyms to protect the participant’s identity. This program evaluation was from the perceptions of the parent/guardian and faculty of the Garnett County School District (GCSD) K-8 Alternative Learning Program. The study focused on the middle school program. The school district received the AWARE (Advancing Wellness and Resilience Education) grant from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). GCSD used part of the grant funds to strategically implement programs to support students who attend the alternative school. The programs focused on improving students’ educational performance, psychosocial emotional mental health, reducing the number of students being placed on homebound status, and reducing the number of chronic suspensions. Although the GCSD has made significant progress towards improving their K-8 Alternative Learning Program overall, at this time the program evaluation was found inconclusive due to not having a research-based mental health program embedded into the alternative learning setting. Once the K-8 ALP effectively addresses the mental health component of the program, another program evaluation should be completed.

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