James O. Gist

Date of Award

Summer 2020

Document Type

Consultancy Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)

Committee Chair

Dr. Jeffrey Hamilton


Latta Family Dentistry is a small rural dental office located in Latta, South Carolina. The owner, Dr. Kareem Sprattling, is looking to provide affordable dental care and would love to open another office in a similar town. In order for him to open a new office, he must first improve the effectiveness of his current team and improve on structures already in place such as technology, the website, and the current efficiency while attracting new patients. Challenges this dentistry faced ranged from a revolving door of new employees, people working within a silo, the need for a much updated website, and technology. As a focal point of this project, I aim to add to the interview process by creating questions that will attract team-oriented candidates. In addition, this project will aim to assist with morale through incentives and rewards. This project emphasized effective collaboration among the staff, which sparked ongoing improvements to their website and technology.Results of this project were favorable and progress has definitely been achieved, even though all work and improvements have not been fully implemented. As of now, the number of new patients has increased (not yet meeting the established goal), the staff is stable with the same employees for the last year and a half, new patients can now download forms to bring with them to their appointment, and tablets have been ordered for a smoother check in process.

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Education Commons