Date of Award

Summer 2020

Document Type

Consultancy Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)

Committee Chair

Dr. Jeffrey Hamilton

Committee Co-Chair

Ms. Lisa Spalding


Over the years, much attention has come to the disproportionate achievement of minority students versus their other race peers. Although many initiatives have been implemented across the nation to address the achievement gap, our school systems still show a considerable difference in student achievement, specifically between White and Black subgroups. Although varying from school district to school district, White students across the country continue to score almost two grade levels higher than Black students on average (Barshay, 2019). To address this issue, school systems are realigning professional development practices to reflect more culturally responsive instruction, moving to a mentality that equity does not mean equal, and seeking out opportunities to establish partnerships and engage communities in an attempt to close the gap. This Consultancy Project was designed to create a partnership with an elementary school in Cary, North Carolina to address the ongoing achievement gap of the school’s African American students. It was adapted to support a specific node of students who were bused to the school from a Raleigh based neighborhood but were reassigned to another school, thus shifting the focus of the project to enhancing the programming of an existing after-school program implemented by Community in Schools (CIS). The project goals, strategies, and programming will be addressed throughout this executive summary.

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