Date of Award

Fall 2022

Document Type

Consultancy Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)

Committee Chair

Elizabeth Jones


Farmington Baptist Church is a church located in rural Davie County, North Carolina. The church’s mission is focused on children, community, and culture. Due to consistent growth of the church population over the past 5 years, the church will soon outgrow its current space and needs to determine if they are to invest in a new building. The purpose of this project was to help determine if the growth of the church is sustainable based on both external and internal factors, and if so, what was the number of members they should anticipate accommodating with a new sanctuary building. External considerations included growth of the surrounding community, new industry, and future housing. Internal factors included church attendance, outreach and programming, and alignment with mission and vision. The final church attendance projections were based on data from the past 10 years and predicted attendance for the church in 10 years.