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Table of Contents

Right Kind of Relaxation

Climbing to Musical Success

Music, Morale, and Elsa Maxwell

Amazing Garcias, Part 2

Creative Technic for the Pianist (interview with Claudio Arrau)

Forgotten Swiss Opera is Revived

Forward March with Music

Black Key Rote Playing Prior to Sight Reading: A New Teaching Device Found Fascinating to Little Ones

Why and When Do Teachers Really Fail?

Rhythm of the Malaguena

Music for Defense

Paganini, Champion of Restlessness

Maladjusted Child in Music Instruction: Can the Abnormal Child Be Brought Back to Normalcy Through Music?

Strauss Waltzes Give a Ball for the Instruments of the Orchestra

Enlisting Music for Men in Service: How Musicians May Help in Bringing Music to the Camps

Piano for Mary: Is it Up to Mary to Succeed Without Parental Coöperation?

Counterpoint in Plain Language, Part 3

Becoming a Conductor (interview with John Barbirolli)

Technic of the Month—Melody with Repeated Chord Accompaniment—Heller, Op. 47, No. 16

Value of Encouragement

Marc Aurelio Zani de Farranti

Musicians in the Past

Four Advertising Approaches for the Teacher

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Last Rose of Summer, William S. Richter, Philadelphia


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Monthly departmental articles (e.g. Violin Questions, Band and Orchestra Department, etc.) have been omitted from the Table of Contents as well as monthly miscellany (e.g. World of Music, New Records, etc.). For a detailed index of articles, see Dr. Pam Dennis’s An Index to Articles Published in The Etude Magazine, 1883-1957 Part 1 and Part 2 (published by A-R Editions and the Music Library Association). An index to the musical scores included in each issue may be found in Dr. Douglas Bomberger’s An Index to Music Published in The Etude Magazine, 1883–1957 (also published by the Music Library Association).

Volume 60, Number 08 (August 1942)
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