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Table of Contents

Music of the Vatican (interview with Canon Monsignore Raffaele Casimiro Casimiri)

Be Ambitious

Organize in Your Own Town

How to Prepare a Number in a Given Time

What About Your Left Hand?


Borrowed Chords and Fancy Chords

Conquering the Hard Spots

Moving Ahead

Musical Classics for the Millions: A Present-day Revolution in Methods of Musical Dissemination Which is Bound to Have Far-reching Results, Through the Movies and Music (interview with Hugo Riesenfeld)

Habit is Second Nature

No Such Thing as Miracles

Studio Revelations


Relative Value of Accent in Pianoforte Playing

I Can't Memorize Music!

Introducing the Pupil to the Pedals

Crippled Piano Lesson

Gloachino Rossini

Thinking a Difficulty Right

Why the Violin Cannot Be Taught by Mail

Disadvantages of Utilizing Old Music

Music Teacher and the Dollar

Experience Book

Ready! Aim! Fire!

Some Remarkable Musical Families

Keeping Compositions in Playable Form

Vanity Cases

Here and There in the Music World

Signor Lusius Nero, Tyrant and Tenor: How Another Kaiser of Another Day Imagined He was a Great Artist: The Megalomania of Caesar Nero Compared with that of Kaiser Wilhelm II

Gounod's Varied Accomplishments

Teachers' Round Table

What's the Use of Scales?

Eraser and the Darning Needle

Music Tide: The Morning of a New Day in American Music

Gauging Your Audience

Musical Comprachicos

Scatter Sunshine in Your Music

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Monthly departmental articles (e.g. Violin Questions, Band and Orchestra Department, etc.) have been omitted from the Table of Contents as well as monthly miscellany (e.g. World of Music, New Records, etc.). For a detailed index of articles, see Dr. Pam Dennis’s An Index to Articles Published in The Etude Magazine, 1883-1957 Part 1 and Part 2 (published by A-R Editions and the Music Library Association). An index to the musical scores included in each issue may be found in Dr. Douglas Bomberger’s An Index to Music Published in The Etude Magazine, 1883–1957 (also published by the Music Library Association).

Volume 37, Number 12 (December 1919)
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