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Table of Contents

Know How in the Art of Singing (interview with Mary Garden)

Summer Activities of the Music Teacher

Music and Mechanics

Why Use the Letter C in 4/4 Time?

What Every Piano Student Should Know About Pedaling

Technic or No Technic? Which?

Best Remedy I Have Ever Found for Nervousness in Public Performance

Secrets of the Success of Great Musicians

Good Beginning

Memories of Rubinstein and Liszt

Why Go to Pieces?

Make Your Left Hand Intelligent

Musical Patriotism

Strengthening the Weaker Digits

Where Does Father Come In?

Helpful Hints on Arpeggio Fingering

Illustration and Story in Piano Teaching

That Loud Pedal Again!

Bad Debts How the Music Teacher May Collect Them

Best Way to Play Phrases

Looking at the Keys

Boys' Week in a Music School

Leschetizky's Wonderful Memory

Rubinstein's Blunders

How Czerny Taught

Bargain Music Lessons

Does Home Sickness Produce Musical Art Works?

Quaint and Curious Musical Facts

Czerny's Cats

Making Musical Muscle

What is Musical Interpretation?

Rossini at the Keyboard

Prophets in Their Own Country

When Wagner Failed

Daring Innovation

Lamperti's Parrots

Life's Music

When Musical Typewriters Come Into Vogue

Ridiculous Waste Motion

Most Wonderful Musical Instrument

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Mary Garden, Bach, Rubinstein, Liszt, Russian music


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Monthly departmental articles (e.g. Violin Questions, Band and Orchestra Department, etc.) have been omitted from the Table of Contents as well as monthly miscellany (e.g. World of Music, New Records, etc.). For a detailed index of articles, see Dr. Pam Dennis’s An Index to Articles Published in The Etude Magazine, 1883-1957 Part 1 and Part 2 (published by A-R Editions and the Music Library Association). An index to the musical scores included in each issue may be found in Dr. Douglas Bomberger’s An Index to Music Published in The Etude Magazine, 1883–1957 (also published by the Music Library Association).

Volume 38, Number 07 (July 1920)
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