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Series 1.6.1 - Fay Webb Gardner Personal Papers: Diaries & Travel Logs

This diary details the daily life of Fay Webb Gardner in the year 1932 while living at the Governor's Mansion in Raleigh, NC. Some of the diary focuses on the political atmosphere as it is O. Max Gardner's last year as Governor of North Carolina. Fay talks of the gubernatorial race where they support John Ehringhaus (who becomes elected governor) as well as the national election where they support Franklin D. Roosevelt (who is elected president in November). Fay kept up with current events and mentions various important happenings in 1932. There is mention of the Democratic National Convention in 1932 where there was suggestion to repeal the 18th Amendment. She also discusses the progression of the Lindbergh baby kidnapping as well as the incredible feat of Amelia Earhart crossing the Atlantic solo. Much of the diary sheds light on various family matters throughout the year including visits by family members, sicknesses, babies born, marriage plans, etc.

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Fay Webb Gardner, Raleigh, NC, O. Max Gardner, Ralph Webb Gardner, O. Max Gardner, Jr., Margaret Love, James Webb Gardner, Ralph Gardner, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Chapel Hill, Josephus Daniels, Wake Forest, Miami Beach, Florida, Lindbergh kidnapping, Madge Webb Riley, Richmond, Washington, D.C., Amelia Earhart, Brooklyn, NY, John Ehringhaus, 18th Amendment, Democratic National Convention, Hitler, Paul Von Hindenburg, Gurney Hood, Lindsay Warren, Atlanta, GA, Herbert Hoover, Richard E. Byrd, Henry Ford, H.A. Garfield, Shelby, NC

Diary, 1929-1932 (Brown, Small)