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The compilation begins by listing members of the Webb family who were members of First Baptist Church of Shelby. Following, three separate accounts detail the involvement of James Milton Webb (J. M. Webb) in the church and various associations, and also provide an overview of his life. James Webb was an elder in the church and also was ordained as a minister. One of his circular letters is included in an account. George Milton Webb’s (son of James Webb) involvement in the church is also detailed in separate accounts. Notes from the Kings Mountain Baptist Association which involve George M. Webb are given as well as his circular letter concerning infant baptism. A brief overview of Alfred Webb’s church involvement is given. Additionally, notes from the record book of Old Concord Baptist Church which involve various family members is included. Within those notes are resolutions concerning the death of Samuel Harrell, Sr. (Mrs. Gardner’s great-great-grandfather).

Most prominently, four separate passages given an account of the work and life of Judge James Landrum Webb. Throughout his life, Judge James Landrum Webb was a superior court judge, a solicitor, the mayor of Shelby, the Post Office inspector, and a member of the state senate. These positions, his life, his attributes, and his death are detailed in the passages. Also, a brief passage concerning the life of his wife (Kansas Love Andrews) and his mother (Priscilla Jane Blanton) are given.

Lastly, the compilation includes accounts of the history of Cleveland County and Shelby. The first account, “Webb of Cleveland” by R. C. Lawrence, explains the role the Webb family has played in Cleveland County history. The second account, “Harness Maker also made Shelby” by Renn Drum, explains the important role that Jimmy (James) Love played in the foundation of Shelby. The last account, “Beginning and Early Days of Shelby” by Madge Webb Riley, also discusses James Love’s contribution to the creation of Cleveland County and Shelby.

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Shelby, NC


Fay Webb Gardner; First Baptist Church; Shelby, NC; James Milton Webb; George Milton Webb; Kings Mountain Baptist Association; Broad River Baptist Association; Alfred Webb, Old Concord Baptist Church, Samuel Harrell, Sr., Cleveland County, NC, Shelby, NC, James Love, Rutherfordton Intelligenar, Kansas Love Andrews, Priscilla Jane Blanton

The Webbs and the First Baptist Church of Shelby