Pictures of Islam: A Student's Guide to Islam


Pictures of Islam: A Student's Guide to Islam



Using his ministry and twenty-year teaching experience, Donald L. Berry balances scholarship with real-world application to educate a general audience about Islam. This book focuses on key points in Islamic history, theology, and methodology, unveiling the heritage and diversity in contemporary Islam. Berry argues that some of the traditions and practices commonly found in the Arab world today reflect the traditions of pre-Islamic Arab culture rather than the Islam described in the Qur’an. The author also attempts to distinguish those beliefs, traditions, and practices that emerge from the Qur’an and those that are rooted in other Muslim traditions that may not be authoritative for all Muslims. Another key element of Pictures of Islam is a look at modernity and Islam. While modernity is not a common word for the general audience, it’s a factor in our modern world and history that cannot be ignored. The impact of modernity is still being felt in most of the Muslim world. Muslims debate the contributions and harm of modernity just as other societies and nations. Berry identifies ten barriers that hinder positive Muslim-Christian relations today. Muslims and Christians do share many common beliefs and traditions, yet the reader must also understand the historical, theological, and practical factors that have led to conflict between Christians and Muslims.



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Mercer University Press


Macon, GA


modernity, Muslim-Christian relations, Islamic theology, Islamic history, contemporary Islam


Islamic Studies | Religion

Pictures of Islam: A Student's Guide to Islam

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