Journal of Counseling and Psychology


Awareness of ‘best practices’ and ‘critical issues’ assists counselors-in-training as they attempt to navigate the expectations of their programs and prepare for their future careers. This article identified the development of a professional identity as a significant goal for counselors-in-training and a curriculum responsibility for counselor educators. The authors also identified two critical issues that counselors-in-training and working professionals face currently. The first critical issue addressed is how technologies fit into counseling practices and their impact on the counseling process. The second critical issue is the potential impact of counselor-client willingness to take a risk with therapeutic options. New and seasoned counselors alike will be met with challenges as they develop and grow in their professional identity. Counselors can support their own professional development by understanding ‘critical issues’ that have the potential to impact professional identity as well as gleaning the knowledge of ‘best practices’ for ethical decision-making.