Journal of Counseling and Psychology


In this study the benefits of therapeutic photography techniques were analyzed for people with varying degrees of depression and anxiety. In study 1, participants were placed in groups after taking the Beck’s Depression Inventory. After they were placed in groups, they also took Beck’s Anxiety Inventory and the Life Satisfaction Scale. For four weeks, participants were asked to take pictures of what makes them happy and share and discuss them with their groups. After four weeks, they took all three inventories a second time. We found significant results between the pretest and posttest scores of the depression and anxiety inventories; for the low depressive groups there was a significant difference for the anxiety inventory, and in the high depressive group there were significant results for the depression and anxiety inventories. These results showed that therapeutic photography techniques can have a large impact on those suffering with depressive symptoms and anxiety. Study 2 was a qualitative study interviewing many different experts in the field to learn how this technique is used daily.