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The King’s Mountain Baptist Association was established in Cleveland County, North Carolina in 1851. Starting with 13 churches and slowly growing over the years to include 80 churches in 2001. Originally part of the Broad River Baptist Association, the founders split from that organization in 1851 due to travel difficulties posed by the many creeks and rivers present in the area during the meeting times. Since then it has burgeoned into a substantial religious organization, keeping meticulous records on their work, internal politics, and service to the community. In 1903 the Association initiated a movement to form an educational institution. In 1905 they combined efforts with the Sandy Run Baptist Association to form Boiling Springs High School which would later become Gardner-Webb University. In 2002 The Kings Mountain Baptist Association changed its associational name to The Greater Cleveland County Baptist Association. To view items related to associational history from 2002 to the present, view The Greater Cleveland County Baptist Association Collection.

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As a founding body of Boiling Springs High School, later to become Gardner-Webb University, the Kings Mountain Baptist Association has maintained close ties with the University. It has been and continues to be a standing practice for the association to donate copies of the associational minutes to the University Archives.

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Kings Mountain Baptist Association Collection; item description, date. Series, Subseries, Item #, University Archives, Gardner-Webb University, Boiling Springs, NC.

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