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Members of the Boiling Springs Junior College's Kalagathian-Kalliergeonian literary society. Pictured in the first row from left to right: Selma Wellmon, Irene Dixon, Edna Borders, James Hamrick, Lila James, Maragret Lee, Annie Catherine Greene, Elaine Hoyle Annie Pearl Wilson, and Helen Hamrick. Pictured in the second row from left to right: Carl Ayers, Myrtle Thrift, Queen Runyan, Opal Turner, Hermina Hamrick, Lulu Phillips, Jean Moore, Margaret McKinney, Kathryn Davidson, Charles Martin, and Tom DePriest. Pictured in the back row from left to right: Palmer Brooks, Horace Brannon, Thomas McFarland, Wake Bridges, Lila Kimbrell, Orvil Icard, Jean Thompson, Fred Callaham, Julis Renfro, George Baker, Ruby Lynch, Miss Rosalie McMurty, Ben Jenkins, Paul Bullington, Lois Jolley, and Raymond Blackaby.


Kalagathian, Kalliergeonian, Literary Society, Student Organization, Boiling Springs Junior College