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How can we facilitate first-year student engagement with critical Framework concepts, especially in a one-shot class? This active learning activity is designed to teach source evaluation in a 50-minute class. The activity, which incorporates elements of problem-based learning and uses a flipped classroom approach, was added to our institution’s first-year experience course. Prompting students to consider a local issue, the activity requires students to evaluate sources represented as “source cards,” choose sources they would use in the context of the assignment, and justify their decisions. Motivated by the challenge and relevance of the activity, students work cooperatively to consider questions at the heart of the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy.

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information literacy, Authority Is Constructed and Contextual, Information Creation as a Process, Research as Inquiry, Searching as Strategic Exploration, Problem-Based Learning, Source Evaluation, ACRL framework, one-shot library instruction, first-year students


Brooke Taxakis, taxakisb@campbell.edu

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Campbell University Freshman Seminar: Information Literacy and Communication