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Spring 2024

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Project – Full Written

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Melissa McNeilly


Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are prevalent across the United States, with one in five people diagnosed in 2018, resulting in nearly $16 billion in medical costs. The prevention and treatment of STIs have been identified as a priority area for improvement, with healthcare providers playing a critical role in education, diagnosing, and treating STIs. The aim of this capstone project was to improve STI education and access to education for healthcare workers in a rural ambulatory clinic. Through a needs assessment and the development of objectives and a timeline, the project identified and addressed gaps in STI education and resources, as well as improving the quality of care and outcomes for patients. Theoretical underpinnings will guide the project, with a focus on project management, cost-benefit analysis, and evaluation. The implementation of the project will be monitored for threats and barriers, with data interpretation and personal reflection contributing to ongoing quality improvement. Ultimately, the project aims to improve the health and well-being of patients in the rural community by enhancing STI education and access to education for healthcare providers.

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