Date of Award

Spring 2024

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Project – Full Written

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Abby Garlock


New graduate registered nurses (NGRNs) represent a crucial segment of the nursing workforce, embodying the future of the profession. Thus, it is imperative that we utilize our resources, knowledge, and experiences to continuously strengthen and grow this generation of nurses. Mentorship is one key method that can be used to support NGRNs. This DNP project aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of mentorship for NGRNs within their first year of nursing practice and was implemented within an existing residency program at a Level I trauma facility. Experienced nurse volunteers received mentor education, and 40 NGRNs were individually paired with these volunteer mentors for support over 2 months. Pre- and post-test surveys were distributed to assess changes in burnout levels and desire to stay (retention) intentions among NGRNs. Results of the pre- and post-test survey comparison revealed a 1% decrease in feelings of burnout, with no change in retention intention for participants who completed the surveys. Additionally, both quantitative and qualitative data were collected, providing valuable insights to enhance the mentorship program moving forward to assist NGRNs with remaining in and flourishing in the nursing profession.

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