Date of Award

Summer 2021

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Project – Manuscript

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Committee Chair

Robin Lang


Objective: The project was aimed to reduce the number of participants lost to primary care follow-up following a mobile health unit screening event.

Design: A pilot study program screening tool implementation was utilized to address the hidden barriers of the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) during a Winter 2021 event.

Sample: A group of 12 participants were screened during a mobile health unit event. Eight of the participants opted to be a part of the pilot study.

Measurements: A comparison ratio of Primary Care follow up was compared from the Winter of 2020 with Winter of 2021, where the screening tool was implemented.

Intervention: A screening tool that addressed the hidden barriers of SDoH was provided and a referral through NCCare360 was provided electronically for those who opted into the study to have their identified needs met.

Results: Three out of eight participants followed up with a Primary Care Provider (PCP) in Winter 2021 event that utilized the screening tool to identify the hidden barriers of the SDoH, as opposed to one out of eight participants who followed up with a PCP in Winter 2020 event that did not use the screening tool. There was a 25% increase in PCP follow up with participants who used the screening tool during the Winter 2021 event.

Conclusion: More studies with larger sample sizes are needed to determine effectiveness of SDoH Screening Tool in future implementations. Making the hidden barriers of SDoH a regular part of screening in the healthcare setting could help bring awareness to the needs of those who are deemed non-compliant, preventing future loss in follow up with a PCP.

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