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Summer 2021

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Nicole P. Waters


Nurse incivility is currently prevalent in the nursing workplace. Incivility is described in the form of disrespectful attitudes and behaviors. Ethnic values may be ignored by those committing uncivil behaviors. Victims of incivility may not report uncivil incidents. Organizations and other stakeholders may discover difficulty in responding or exploring causative incivility behavior. Workplace incivility may be displayed as unsafe actions, nurse management errors, and staff dissatisfaction. Nursing staff may decide on resigning positions because of workplace incivility. Healthy, civil, caring workplace environments are imperative to patient and staff well-being.

Workplace incivility intervention may introduce a solution to uncivil behavior, rebuild working relationships, increase staff fulfillment, and restore a healthy environment. Organizational mindfulness intervention may be used to stimulate leadership on investigating incivility motives, pursuing resolutions to uncivil events, and assuring staff satisfaction. Mindfulness intervention actions may cultivate caring and perceptive behaviors. Striving on understanding others and self-reflection on moral and ethical values are activities of mindfulness intervention. Mindfulness intervention may mitigate workplace incivility.

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