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Fall 2021

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Project – Manuscript

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Kellie M. Griggs


Objective: Nurses play a significant role in the discharge education and understanding of the disease state to stroke patients. This study aimed to educate nurses on implementing video-based stroke patient education, focusing on individualized patient modifiable risk factors.

Methods: This project included education sessions focused on training nurses to access and use available video-based stroke education. In addition, nurses participated in a needs and knowledge-based survey. These education sessions were provided during staff huddles on different shifts over one week.

Results: Education sessions focused on the proper use of the video-based stroke patient education tool positively influenced nursing opinions regarding utilizing the tool.

Conclusion: Video-based stroke patient education may meet the needs of providing individualized modifiable risk factor education to stroke patients. Consideration must be given to the current healthcare environment surrounding nurse staffing and how technology can benefit patient education.

Practice Implications: Before initiating the project, technology security, availability, and access should be considered.

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