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Summer 2022

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Melissa McNeilly


Background: Loss of mobility is an outcome of aging. Decreased ambulation leads to a loss of mobility and ultimately a loss of independence. There are additional health risks associated with loss of mobility. There can be challenges to facilitating ambulation and mobility in an aging population.

Objective: A literature review of the benefits of ambulation/mobility and the risks of loss of mobility was conducted. The purpose was to promote ambulation/mobility in a community-based setting and educate those caring for the adult population about the importance of ambulation.

Methods: A presentation was provided to staff and participants of an adult day care center, and data was gathered on the efficacy of the presentation. A pre-test and post-test method to gather information was used.

Results: The education provided was effective as evidenced by improvement in each of the five test questions. Following the educational session with staff, an improvement from the pre-test to the post-test was noted. The installation of signs for participants in determining their walking distance was placed on the community path.

Conclusions: An educational session at a senior community center increased participants' knowledge of exercise and its benefits. Staff and participants were encouraged to learn about the advantages of the walking path already in place. This will assist in the use of the walking path and increase daily ambulation at the facility.

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