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Summer 2022

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Project – Full Written

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Abby Garlock


Communication remains one of the most challenging aspects of healthcare. COVID-19 added another layer of communication breakdown in the form of visitor restrictions that limited or removed visitation for hospital-positive patients. Guided by the principles of Jean Watson’s theory of human caring, a literature review was performed to determine best practice evidence related to improvements in communication.

A daily family update form was drafted to guide the nurses of a pulmonary medical progressive care unit in providing standardized daily family updates to improve communication through consistency of information shared. Patients identified family members they would like to receive daily updates and the nurses of the unit called daily with the information outlined on the form. The project aimed to establish if the incorporation of a standardized daily family update could improve patient satisfaction and perception of care, evidenced by an increase in patient satisfaction scores related to three HCAPHS questions, “good understanding of managing health,” consistency of information from staff,” and “nurses explained in a way you understand.”

The project found a success rate of 86% when nurses attempted daily family updates. Patient satisfaction scores related to, “consistency of info from staff,” by 220% related to previous quarters. Nursing staff reported satisfaction with the form and process implemented.

The project remains a viable option for future implementation in other areas within this and other hospitals to seek similar improvement in communication. Further study is needed to determine the long-term effects and success of future projects utilizing the daily family update form.

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