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Summer 2022

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Project – Manuscript

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Kellie M. Griggs


This project piloted and evaluated “The Healthy Skills 4 Life” (HS4L) program within a middle school population. HS4L is an innovative holistic health curriculum focusing on four key areas of healthy behavior: nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and sleep hygiene. A middle school physical education teacher was supplied with the HS4L instructional materials and support needed to independently implement the program. The HS4L program allowed the students to self-assess wellness behaviors and create an action plan for improvement focusing on healthy lifestyle concepts. The implementation was evaluated utilizing the "Healthy Skills 4 Life" Feedback survey. The total average Likert score for the program is 4.93 indicating a successful pilot of the HS4L program. The high average score indicates the participants enjoyed the HS4L program implementation experience and would recommend future offerings. Further, the participants rated the HS4L program as effective with increasing student knowledge of key content areas. Physical education teachers can provide effective instruction to students when supplied with the HS4L holistic health curriculum with minimum formal upstart and support. Findings indicate that the HS4L program offers a way for middle school students to be introduced to holistic health education in an effective and budget-neutral manner.

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