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Spring 2023

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Project – Full Written

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Tina Lewis


This quality improvement project aimed to address the problem of nursing burnout post COVID-19 pandemic through complementary therapies. Nursing burnout can be mental, emotional, or physical exhaustion which an excessive amount of prolonged stress can cause. Nursing burnout has affected nursing staff worldwide, directly impacting the care provided to patients and the patient's satisfaction. The Nursing Worklife Model was utilized as the theoretical framework for this project (Appendix A). The literature review exhibits the prevalence of nursing burnout in nursing staff. A quantitative study was utilized for this project. The Oldenburg Burnout Inventory was utilized to establish the participant's level of nursing burnout pre- and post- complimentary therapies usage (Appendix B). The results showed the use of complementary therapies aided in inducing a calming work environment, encouraging positive emotions, and helping to create a calm environment to assist the nursing staff in lessening the feelings of burnout in the workplace.

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