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Spring 2023

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Project – Full Written

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Anna Hamrick


The DNP project was designed to improve future healthcare providers’ knowledge on the complexity of endometriosis by providing students with a lunch and learn session on endometriosis. The intent of the project implementation was to improve students’ knowledge on endometriosis to facilitate early diagnosis for patients. Improving provider knowledge of evidence-based endometriosis guidelines is imperative to achieve early diagnosis. The educational session provided students with information regarding symptoms, impact of delayed diagnosis, discerning differential diagnoses, associating timing of symptoms, and identifying endometriosis lesions. The impact of the project implementation was measured using pre/post-survey data evaluating overall knowledge, symptoms awareness, “best practice” regarding diagnosis, the impact of delayed diagnosis, and physical and mental burden. Results indicated that students did have a baseline knowledge of endometriosis and its presenting symptoms. Knowledge in all five survey items was improved post intervention. In conclusion, providing future health care providers with enhanced endometriosis education increases knowledge and may help facilitate earlier diagnosis of endometriosis for patients.

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