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Summer 2023

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Ashley Isaac-Dockery


Hospitals strive to become Magnet-accredited facilities. Having Magnet status indicates an institution has high standards regarding nurse work environments and positive patient outcomes. The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) created the Magnet program criteria in 1994 (Dierkes et al., 2021). Obtaining Magnet accreditation is a coveted goal for hospitals. The target organization is currently not a Magnet-accredited hospital, nor does it have a nurse manager succession planning program. In preparation to achieve this accreditation, the target organization needed to implement a succession plan for nurse leaders. Institutions with successful succession planning programs pay careful attention when selecting participants for succession plans. Experience level, current role, willingness to work a flexible schedule, and overall good standing within the organization are criteria for acceptance into such programs (Shields et al., 2022). Once participants are selected, a curriculum supporting nurse leadership is needed. Nurse manager succession plans help decrease turnover and assist with filling vacancies. Developing a nurse manager succession plan is a proactive response for organizations. Developing and maintaining a nurse manager succession plan shows visionary executives are willing to invest in future leaders (Phillips et al., 2018). Will nurses have an increase in knowledge and awareness of the roles and responsibilities of the nurse manager after completing an education session?

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