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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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Vickie Walker


This study used a descriptive, quantitative design with survey methods to examine the experiences and opinions of 69 graduate and undergraduate nursing students who anonymously responded to questions about group work. The two-fold purpose of the study was to investigate students' negative perception and experience of collaborative learning in a tertiary level academic setting, and determine if students preferred to use the two instruments suggested in the study as regular components of future group assignments. A review of the literature suggested that the presence of slackers, social justice, and the Matthew Effect were known contributors of negative experiences within groups. The online survey sought to determine how students dealt with slackers in their groups, and the role that they would like their instructors to play in the group work process. The study correctly assumed that: more than half of the student participants would admit to having had poor experiences with group work; they would agree to more teacher input; and would agree to use the two proposed instruments in future group work. The instruments, Accountability Log and Communication Log were preferred by almost three-fourths of the respondents, who also strongly stated that more instructor involvement that spans the duration of the group project was needed. The student respondents believed that instructors needed to instruct students on group behavior and expectations prior to assigning group work, and that the instructors needed to ensure that negative behaviors were addressed.

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