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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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Rebecca Beck-Little


Diabetes is a global epidemic and is a leading cause of disease-related death. In the United States, diabetes is the most common chronic disease affecting 23.6 million Americans or 7.8% of the population (Centers for Disease Control, 2010a). African American women have the highest prevalence of diabetes. Health promotion in the form of diabetes self-management is the key to reducing this urgent disparity. This descriptive study sought to identify barriers to diabetes self-management and identify relationships associated with self-management in this population. This study was conducted using a convenience sampling of African American women with diabetes who were surveyed to assess their knowledge of diabetes, their perceptions of diabetes in their lives, and their self-care related to diabetes. Study findings indicate a cause for alarm for the nursing profession and the health care system as a whole. Urgent opportunities exist to improve the quality of diabetes care in this population.

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