Introducing Telehealth to Nursing Students in a Pre-Licensure Program

Dwayne F. More, Gardner-Webb University


Telehealth has emerged as an enhancement to health care, giving clients greater access to care providers than ever before. It has benefited persons living in remote areas who cannot readily access health services and it has helped clients who have chronic disease conditions that require frequent monitoring, saving themselves and hospitals thousands of dollars. Nurses are an important part of delivering telehealth, yet it is not currently being taught in many nursing courses. The purpose of this project is to introduce telehealth into a pre-licensure nursing program via a learning module and to assess the students' understanding of the material before and after the module has been presented. A two-tailed t test was given before and after the module was presented with p.05, which upheld the null hypothesis that demographic variables would not influence the outcome of either test. The learning module proved to be effective and could have further applications in pre-licensure nursing programs.