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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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Anna S. Hamrick


This research project embarked upon an investigation related to the retention of nurses at a small hospital in the Southeastern United States. The research question that guided this study asked, `what were the factors affecting nurse satisfaction at this health care facility? Many variables were explored as answers sought through surveys and documented reviews emerged. From a sample of 65 (n=65) respondents to a survey it was discovered that salary, vacation, opportunities to work straight days, compensation for working weekends, weekends off, nursing peers, physician the nurse works with, opportunities to interact professionally with other disciplines, recognition of work from peers, amount of encouragement, and positive feedback and the amount of responsibility undertaken were the most prevalent factors affecting nurse satisfaction at this small hospital in Southeastern United States. Findings were consistent with previous research conducted on the subject. The following pages of this document outline a comprehensive descriptive explanatory report of the research process and conclusions drawn.

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