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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Anna Hamrick


The misuse of prescription drugs for non-medical purposes is a risk to public health and safety. The rates of misuse and diversion of prescription drugs have nearly doubled since the 1990s. This project explored the importance of educating Nurse Practitioners (NPs) in North Carolina (NC) regarding the registration and utilization of the North Carolina Controlled Substances Reporting System (NCCSRS). This reporting system was designed to identify and prevent diversion and to reduce morbidity and mortality of unintentional drug overdoses among primary care patients. A website was developed to showcase the multiple benefits and encourage registration and utilization of the NCCSRS among NPs in NC. Postcards were mailed to 495 NPs in 26 counties in Western North Carolina with the intention of increasing registration with the NCCSRS. A pre-registration count of the midlevel practitioners registered with the NCCSRS was obtained prior to the website being posted and then after a three month period a post-registration count was obtained. This scholarly project has the potential to increase the number of Nurse Practitioners practicing in Western North Carolina registered with the North Carolina Controlled Substances Reporting System through online education.

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