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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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Janie Carlton


A descriptive study was initiated to investigate the use of peppermint oil to reduce the nausea of the palliative care and hospice patient. Two local palliative care and hospice programs were used as sites for the study. Patients eighteen and older complaining of nausea were invited to participate in the study. The study was conducted for one and a half months. A total of eight patients consented to participate in the study with a mean age of seventy one years. The Bieri Scale, a visual-numeric analog, was used as the measurement instrument for the patients to evaluate their nausea. Results showed that peppermint oil may augment other medications. Eighty-eight percent reported a decrease in the level of nausea following the use of conventional medication as well as the use of medication and peppermint oil.

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