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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Mary Alice Hodge


A cultural bias education seminar was presented to nursing faculty at a private university in Western North Carolina in an attempt to increase the level of cultural competence. Leininger's "Culture Care and Universality"; a nursing theory was used as the theoretical framework for the project and Campinha-Bacote's Inventory for Assessing the Process of Cultural Competency Among Healthcare Professionals, Revised (IAPCC-R) was employed to measure the pre- and post-cultural competence levels of the nursing faculty. The faculty voluntarily completed the pre-assessment, the seminar was completed and 17 participants completed the post assessment. The statistical findings illustrated an increase in total cultural competence from a pre-intervention mean of 67.5 (SD=7.29) or culturally aware, to a post intervention mean of 74.53 (SD=9.24) or culturally competent. The findings proved to be statistically significant (level of significance α = 0.05) with a p value of 0.01. There was an eight-fold increase in the number of nursing faculty deemed culturally competent in the post assessment as measured by the IAPCC-R.

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