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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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Janie Carlton


The decisive factor for this project was the Health Care Organization's decision to combine the medical/surgical units from two campuses into one department. This process required the Registered Nurses to reapply for their positions, merge into one unit, and transition to a different physical location. The next major process to occur will be the changing of patient acuity-levels from general medical/surgical to medical/surgical progressive care.

This project will provide a cost effective educational plan based on Benner's novice to expert theory which will ensure efficient transition for the expert medical/surgical nurse to an expert progressive care nurse. A structured orientation process has been developed which will provide lecture, blended-learning, and simulation presentations. The process will be flexible in order to include just-in-time education as required by the individuals. Patient safety and quality of care will be driving factors in the educational plan. Retention of the experienced general medical/surgical nurse will be a major goal of this reorientation process.

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