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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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Rebecca Beck-Little


Professional Pediatric Registered Nurses and parents of sick children share a common goal of returning the sick child to health. To the Pediatric Registered Nurse the means to achieving the goal of returning the child to wellness involves their knowledge of signs and symptoms of disease processes and their abilities to quickly respond to warning signs of impending illness. The knowledge and abilities of the Pediatric Registered Nurse is important to the parent of the ill child however to the parent there are many other elements of care delivery that can assist the Pediatric Registered Nurse and parent in achieving the common goal of returning the sick child to health.

This non-experimental descriptive study focused on measuring nursing student's perception of the relative importance of the factors that influence parent satisfaction utilizing a tool developed by this researcher derived from the Press Ganey Inpatient Pediatric Survey © (2007).

The conceptual-theoretical basis for this research was derived from Jean Watson's Human Caring Theory and measures the ten carative factors that are imbedded in the theory. A convenience sample of 44 nursing students at a private university in the Southeastern United States completed an anonymous survey assessing their perception of the importance of care elements that influence the parent's satisfaction of pediatric nursing care. Nursing students reported higher importance to the care elements of skill of the nurses caring for the child and the nurses' attitude toward the child and parent's requests reflecting Watson's carative factors of Systematic use of the Scientific Problem-Solving method for decision making and Development of a Helping-Trusting Relationship than to the information provided about available facilities for close family members (e.g. places to sleep, eat, shower, talk, etc.) and speed of the admission process reflecting Watson's carative factor of Assistance with Gratification of Human Needs.

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