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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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Kathy Lindsey


This was a descriptive study that assessed school nurses' perceptions of health-promoting behavior. A sample of 33 school nurses was asked to complete the Health Promotion Lifestyle Profile II (HPLP-II) to measure their health-promoting lifestyle. The HPLP-II is a Likert-styled instrument that consists of 52 items divided among six subscales. The six subscales are: (1) health responsibility; (2) physical activity; (3) nutrition; (4) interpersonal relations; (5) spiritual growth and; (6) stress management. The findings indicated that the nurses perceived interpersonal relationships and spiritual growth to be components of their health-promoting behavior as evidenced by higher mean scores in those two subscales. The mean scores of the remaining subscales were scored as less important pieces of their health behavior.

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