Nurses' Perceptions of Fetal Monitoring: As Related to the Perinatal Safety Role

Kellie M. Griggs, Gardner-Webb University


Obstetrical registered nurses assume a multitudinous amount of responsibility related to assessing continuous electronic fetal monitoring. This capstone project focused on measuring registered nurses' perceptions of central electronic fetal monitoring related to the practice of the "Perinatal Safety Nurse" position. The purpose of this capstone project was to measure obstetrical registered nurses' perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes towards the perinatal safety nurse role, utilizing the theoretical framework of Azjen and Fishbein's Theory of Reasoned Action. Project implementation included the administration of the pre Perceptions of Obstetrical Monitoring (POM) survey tool, educational forum sessions, and administration of the post POM survey tool two weeks after the educational forum sessions were completed. Data analysis methods included the use of descriptive statistics, the nonparametric statistical methods of Wilcoxon signed-rank (WRS) test for paired data, and Spearman's correlation coefficients to measure nurses' perceptions.