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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Candice Rome


Nurse educators are faced with the challenges of facilitating student learning in shorter time frames along with decreasing student opportunities to further their learning experiences in real-world clinical situations (LaFond & Van Hulle Vincent, 2012; Smith & Barry, 2013). There is an identifiable need for safe environments where students can practice and apply the knowledge they have learned in the didactic component of the course to the clinical situations (LaFond & Van Hulle Vincent, 2012; McClure & Gigliotti, 2012). The capstone project, "The impact of simulation based learning experience on student satisfaction, perceived self-confidence and anxiety" examined the implementation of three mid-fidelity simulation scenarios, including debriefing, to the learning experience in efforts to provide continued support of student learning to enhance the students' application of knowledge, decrease anxiety levels, improve satisfaction, and perceived self-confidence.

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