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Candice Rome


Healthcare is multifaceted with complicated illnesses that require aggressive treatments and therapies. Caring for patients with these illnesses has become progressively difficult due to the nursing shortage, high turnover rates, and lack of competence and critical thinking, which impacts quality care and outcomes. To enhance the knowledge of the nurses, preceptors are an essential part the orientation experience. Therefore, preceptors’ perceptions of preparedness influence the effectiveness of the role. Appropriate preparation provides them with the knowledge needed to meet learning needs. The aim of this study was to explore preceptors’ perceptions of preparedness in the preceptor role. The perceptions of preparedness were measured by using the Evaluation of the preceptor role/process tool, which was adapted from Susan Boyer’s tool. This was a descriptive quantitative and qualitative study. Results of the study indicated that the preceptors strongly agreed and agreed that the preceptor role gave them the ability to develop the new hire, the resources and tools helped them meet learning needs, and the preceptor process is effective within the organization. The study provides evidence that the perceptions of preceptor preparedness in the preceptor role enhances the ability to develop the new hire’s abilities and creates a sense of empowerment if given the opportunity, adequate resources, the necessary information, and support.

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