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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Sharon Starr


Incivility in nursing education is an unfortunate phenomenon affecting nursing students. in all aspects of their educational experience. Students and their instructors are often ill equipped to deal with academic incivility and their lack of ability to handle such behaviors has proven detrimental to the future of the nursing profession. Nursing instructors need tools to help educate nursing students on how to recognize uncivil behaviors within themselves as well as others and ways to combat it. This Capstone Project addressed these aspects of academic incivility and implemented an e-learning module that was developed to educate students on incivility. The data was collected through a pre-test, post-test model with resulting statistical analysis using the McNemar’s test. Results showed the nursing students obtained increased self-efficacy in regards to their ability to define, detect, and combat academic incivility after viewing the e-learning module. In conclusion, the successful implementation of the e-learning module provides further incentive for schools of nursing to consider implementing incivility education in their curriculums.

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