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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Frances Sparti


The intent of the evidence-based practice project was to implement a policy change requiring licensed nurses employed by a local rural healthcare organization to complete an educational module on correct intramuscular (IM) administration technique. During the 2014 influenza season, injuries were noted to employees who received influenza vaccinations within the healthcare organization. The injuries occurred after licensed nurses employed by the healthcare organization administered the influenza injection incorrectly to other employees. Injuries were noted after the influenza injection was administered too high in the deltoid causing injury to the shoulder joint. A corrective action plan was developed by a doctoral student within the organization which included an educational module and teach-back to validate competency of proper placement for an IM injection. In September 2015, licensed nurses who volunteered to administer influenza vaccinations to employees within the organization completed the educational class and teach-back, with the intent no injuries would be reported to employees during the influenza season. At the conclusion of the project, it was noted the educational session was effective in evaluation and validation of correct technique when administering the influenza vaccination. No injuries were noted to employees within the healthcare organization during the 2015 influenza season from improperly administered influenza vaccinations.

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