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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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Yvonne Smith


Organizational communication can impact the satisfaction of registered nurses in the acute care hospital setting. With the projected growth of the nursing profession, recruitment and retention of registered nurses is essential in building a highly engaged workforce. Literature review identified areas that impact nurse satisfaction including salary and benefits, nursing leadership, nursing engagement, and nursing workload and staffing. The researcher recognized a gap in the literature regarding the impact of organizational communication on satisfaction of registered nurses in the acute care hospital setting. This study evaluates the difference in the satisfaction of organizational communication among registered nurses who spend less than 50% of their time in direct patient care and registered nurses who spend 50% or more of their time in direct patient care in the acute care/hospital setting. The Job Satisfaction Survey tool by Paul E. Spector was disseminated to members of the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses via a Survey Monkey link to aid in the evaluation of perceived organizational communication between the two groups. The research study data found that registered nurses spending less than 50% of time in direct patient care were dissatisfied more than those spending 50% or more of time in direct patient care in the three of the four organizational communication categories: communications within the organization, knowing what is transpiring within the organization, and full explanation of work assignments. Research showed that both groups felt that they had a clear understanding of the goals within the organization. Implications for nursing practice include professional and career development of nurse leaders, improvement of communication tactics and techniques among the leadership team and organization, and validation of communication techniques.

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