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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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Gayle Casterline


The purpose of the study was to examine the effects of interdisciplinary rounds (IDR) on a neurology medical-surgical inpatient unit. Existing research shows that IDR improves nurse-physician relationships and satisfaction and improves patient outcomes. Using the Collaboration and Satisfaction about Care Decisions (CSACD) tool developed by Baggs, nurse-physician collaboration and satisfaction was measured pre and post implementation of interdisciplinary rounds. Twenty-one nurses and five physicians participated in the study which included education sessions, a two week trial of IDR, and a pre and post survey. Nurses and physicians in this sample perceived a significant increase in collaboration (X = 5.6563, P = 0.0174) after IDR implementation (Figure 2). There was also an increase in perceived satisfaction, although not statistically significant (X = 3.3629, P = 0.0667). Nurses scored significantly lower (indicating less agreement) than physicians in regards to collaboration (X = 4.8864, P = 0.0271) and satisfaction (X = 5.3332, P = 0.0209); nurses were less satisfied with the collaboration between nurses and physicians during the decision making process.

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