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Cindy Miller


Introduction: This text message intervention sought to help patients at a free clinic in the Southeastern U.S. that have uncontrolled diabetes (DM) (A1C > or = 7) improve their DM clinical and behavioral outcomes, and thereby help them to live healthier, more hopeful and productive lives as they deal daily with this chronic illness. Eight weeks of educational text messages were sent to help improve DM care and outcomes. Method: Free clinic patient Latino adults with DM (n=25) pre-post one group design. Results: Statistically significant results (p < .05) were seen in three (SKILLD, p=.001, DSES, p = .000, and SDSCA, p = .042) of the four tools/surveys administered. A1C improvements were significant from the pre-intervention (M = 9.10, SD = 1.51) and the trended post-intervention values/results (M=8.26, SD = 1.29, t [21] = 2.79, p = .0110). Discussion: Does personalized communication, education and follow up for patients at the free clinic improve diabetes knowledge, self-efficacy and self-care? This text message intervention shows great promise to improve outcomes for diabetes self-management.

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