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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Ashley Isaac-Dockery


The focus of this project was to explore child-care teachers’ knowledge of fun physical activities and healthy food choice activities for preschool children. A four-week educational session was implemented in a rural child-care center. The intervention provided education in relationship to the implementation of fun physical activities and healthy food choice activities for child-care teachers during preschoolers structured playtime. The Child Care Teachers’ Knowledge Evaluation (CCTKE) tool developed by the doctoral student was used to collect responses from participants before and after the intervention. The participants’ data was analyzed using a t-test. There were no statistically significant differences between the pre-test and post-test t scores for the educational sessions. While the means and standard deviations for physical activities, parental teaching, teacher role model, and teacher research showed a slight difference in knowledge after the educational sessions. The implementation of similar educational sessions will likely be necessary to effectively educate child-care teachers to promote healthy behaviors in the preschool classrooms.

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