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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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Ashley Isaac-Dockery


Telehealth, as a healthcare delivery model, is quickly integrating into various healthcare fields. School health is one area of nursing that is preparing for this integration. This study explored through literature review, the previous studies conducted on this type of service. Evidence found more research was needed on this topic. The purpose of this study was to demonstrate an increase in school nurse’s confidence and commitment level to implementation of telehealth. A purposeful sample was used in the selection of participants for this study. This project was conducted in a small rural county school system located in the North West portion of North Carolina. The sample size consisted of the six school nurses that were working within the school system. Data was obtained using a Kirkpatrick Blended Evaluation Model survey. The school nurses completed the survey directly following the educational session. The descriptive statistics gathered from this data represented the training was successful in meeting the goal of this study. Overall, the program shows promise for nurses in rural areas to provide telehealth services without major disruptions to their normal daily activities. Although the overall confidence and commitment levels were high from the respondents, it is apparent that additional training and studies are needed to address these concerns. Keywords: telehealth, school telehealth, school-based telehealth, telehealth in rural areas, rural telehealth, community telehealth, nursing education for telehealth, telehealth continuing education, and telehealth competencies.

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