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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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Abby Garlock


The thought of having an active shooter at your place of work is unimaginable. The thought of having an active shooter at a place of healing is terrifying and distressing for patients, families, and nursing staff. An active shooter event, as defined by Hauk (2018), is when at least one person is actively killing or trying to kill people in a confined populated space. If an active shooter event were to take place in an acute care facility, nurses must be educated on best practices of responding to an active shooter, including identifying the situation, notifying the appropriate personnel of the situation, and keeping themselves, patients, and visitors safe. This project focused on increasing education to include in-services with security officers on patient units, training nursing staff on how to use the emergency preparedness flip books that are tailored to their units and participating in active shooter drills and simulations to better understand knowledge and confidence levels with an active shooter emergency.

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