Measuring Job Stress in Progressive Care Nurses and Assessing Intent to Leave

Joann C. Vassey, Gardner-Webb University


The purpose of this study was to investigate if there was a relationship between progressive care nurses' job stress and intent to leave. The sample (n = 67) consisted of registered nurses that work on medical cardiology progressive care units. Participants were asked to complete a survey via Survey Monkey that included demographic variables of gender, age, education, academic enrollment, length of nursing experience in years, and intent to leave. The survey also included the 34-item Nursing Stress Scale (NSS). Data analysis included descriptive statistics, correlations, and independent t-tests. The study results found a significant relationship between the variable intent to leave and the workload subscale by independent t-test, t (58) = 2.089, p < .05. A conclusion from the study was workload affects job stress levels which can be a factor in nurses' intent to leave.