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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Reimund Serafica


The ongoing call for interprofessional education with healthcare providers who routinely work together has largely gone unanswered. Parallel to this call, a large number of nursing programs across the United States exist in a stand-alone setting. These programs are unattached to a school of medicine. This creates barriers including a lack of access to physicians and lack of funding to hire medical staff as embedded participants. At the same time, aging nursing faculty, increasing enrollment, and decreasing clinical facility availability create an increased need to use simulation-learning environments to continue to maintain existing capacity in nursing programs. This project used Adobe® Captivate® with video captures to create a planned algorithm that allowed for interaction between the simulation-based learning experience participants and the physician. As an embedded participant, the video-captured physician was able to offer interventions, based on assessment data and recommendations provided through a touchscreen interface. This unique and successful implementation showed that video captures are a pedagogy that adult learners are able to use to experience a positive increase in attitudes toward the physician-nurse collaborative relationship as measured on the Jefferson Scale of Attitudes Toward Physician-Nurse Collaboration©.

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